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Twitch - Small Rodent Muesli (1kg)

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Twitch Small Rodent Muesli

1kg pack

By Wagg, No Artificial colours, Peanuts & Sunflower seeds

A specially formulated nutritious complementary food suitable for all small rodents. Free from any artificial colours and flavours and packed full of peanuts and sunflower seeds.

Like all Wagg small animal foods, Wagg Hamster, Gerbil Munch is virtually dust free to reduce wastage and ensure customer satisfaction.


More Information
Brand Twitch, by Wagg
Features By WaggNo Artificial coloursPeanuts & Sunflower seeds
Type Nuggets
Amounts Available
x1, x9 Packs
Pack Size 1kg
Suitable For Hamster, Gerbil, Rodent