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Tetra - Wafer Mix (68g)

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Tetra  -  Wafer Mix


Mix of sinking herbivore and omnivore wafers for all bottomfeeding fish and crustaceans.

Vegetable enriched with valuable spirulina algae specially for herbivorous bottom-feeding fish.

Omnivore wafers ideal for all other bottom-feeding fish and crustaceans.

The aquarium water does not become cloudy due to the enhanced stability of the wafers.

Allow fish to graze on food naturally.

Smaller wafer size reduces competition, allowing all fish to feed.

Stability of wafers allows timid fish time to come out and feed.

Tetra extrusion process ensures increased digestibility and acceptance.


Available in:

Wafers Mix  -  (0.80p per 10g)

More Information
Amount x1
Brand Tetra
MPN 135550
Fish Food Type other
Features Vegetable enriched, With spirulina algae, Does not become cloudy, Smaller wafer size
Supplies Mix of Sinking Wafers
Amounts Available 68g pack
Suitable For Aqua Fish (all bottom-feeding fish & crustaceans)
Country of Manufacture Germany