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Tetra Pond - Variety Sticks

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Tetra Pond - Variety Sticks

1L, 4L, 7L or 10 Litres

Orange Enhance Colour, Beige Balanced Diet, Brown Healthy Growth

Tetra Pond Variety Sticks provide all the nutrients necessary for a varied, complete and biologically balanced diet for all pond fish. Our pond variety sticks contain a mixture of three sticks varieties which are fast-soaking for easy feeding and offer your fish a varied diet.

The beige coloured sticks contain a balanced blend of essential nutrients to support your fishes’ diet and promotes a healthy immune system for increased resilience. Brown coloured sticks contain spirulina and wheatgerm to provide the high-quality proteins which support healthy fish growth, and orange coloured sticks contain natural carotenoids to enhance colour brilliance in your fish.

With a highly digestible recipe, and no artificial colourants, feeding Tetra Pond Variety Sticks helps reduce the waste build up in your pond, keeping water clear and improving water quality. Tetra Pond recipes are made with high quality, natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives and no colourants to provide only the best food source for your pond fish.

Since our foundation in 1951 by Dr Ulrich Baensch, Tetra have paved the way with research and innovation in aquatics and home fishkeeping, with a passion and fascination for fish at our core. We remain committed to making natural, species-appropriate care as easy as possible. Proudly made in Germany, with industry leading research and development, we develop innovative products made to the highest standard. As the number one fish food brand in the world, Tetra is the trusted name for all your aquatic care needs.

  • Beige sticks with essential nutrients for a biologically balanced diet.
  • Brown sticks with wheatgerm and spirulina for essential proteins to promote healthy growth.
  • Orange sticks with natural carotenoids to enhance colour brilliance.
  • Optimised blend of nutrients to support healthy digestion and a strong immune system.
  • Highly digestible fish food, with no artificial colours, to support clean and clear water.
  • Made with natural ingredients - no added preservatives or artificial colourants.



Vegetable protein extracts, Cereals, Derivatives of vegetable origin (Wheatgerm meal 11.1%), Fish and fish derivatives, Yeasts, Oils and fats, Minerals, Molluscs and crustaceans, Algae (Spirulina 0.6%). 


Analytical Constituents:

Crude Protein: 31.5%, Crude Fat: 6%, Crude Fibre: 2%, Moisture Content: 7.5%


More Information
EAN 4004218751255, 4004218169883
Brand Tetra Pond
MPN 4004218171992, 4004218169890, 4004218169937, 4004218137004
Main Ingredients Veg Protein, Cereals, Derivatives of Veg Origin, Fish Derivatives, Yeasts, Oils, Fats, Minerals, Molluscs & Crustaceans, Algae
Features Orange Enhance Colour, Beige Balanced Diet, Brown Healthy Growth
Pond Fish Food
Food Type Sticks
Amounts Available 1L, 4L, 7L or 10 Litres
Suitable For Pond Fish