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Tetra Pond - AquaSafe (500ml)

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Tetra Pond  -  AquaSafe

500ml Bottle

Makes Tap Water Safe for Fish

Removes harmful chlorine and chloramine.

Detoxifies heavy metal like copper, zinc and lead.

With iodine for more vitality and readiness to spawn.

500 ml for 10,000 litres (2,200 gallons) of pond water.



Essential when filling a pond for the first time, during partial water changes, after prolonged rainfall and after treatment for disease.


Dosage Instructions:

Shake well before us, add 10ml to each 200 litres (44 gallons) of newly added tap water.


Available in:

500ml  -  (£2.99 per 100ml)

More Information
Country of Manufacture Germany
EAN 4004218747234
Amount x1
Size 500ml
Brand Tetra
MPN 747234
Features Usage: 10ml to 200 litres of tap water
Supplies Type: Tap Water Safe
Amounts Available 500ml bottle
Suitable For Fish Ponds