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Tetra Pond - AquaSafe

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Tetra Pond - AquaSafe

250ml, 500ml

Makes Tap Water Safe, Removes Harmful Chlorine & Chloramines

Makes tap water safe for fish and other pond inhabitants.

Neutralises chlorine and chloramines.

Immediately and effectively binds toxic heavy metals, such as copper and cadmium.

Organic colloids protect the fish’s delicate mucus membrane.

Vitamin B1 helps maintain a healthy immune system and the fishes’ ability to cope with stress.

Ideal for making pond water safe after longer periods of rainfall, after each partial water change, and during the initial filling of the pond.


More Information
EAN 4004218747234
Brand Tetra Pond
MPN 4004218102064, 4004218152755
Features Makes Tap Water Safe, Removes Harmful Chlorine & Chloramines
Type Pond Water Treatment
250ml Usage
2500ml for 5,000 (1,100 gallons)
500ml Usage 500ml for 10,000 (2,200 gallons)
Amounts Available 250ml, 500ml
Suitable For Pond