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Science Selective - House Rabbit Food (1.5kg)

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Science Selective House Rabbit Food

1.5kg Pack

Indoor Feed, Natural, For all Breeds, Recommended by Vets.

Science Selective House Rabbit has been uniquely formulated four house bunnies. With Timothy hay grass and thyme it provides and array of forage to reflect natural foraging behaviour. Fortified with essential vitamins A and D, 22% crude fibre and balanced calcium: phosphorus so you can be sure you are providing your rabbits with the finest quality nuggets that will help support wellbeing and promote vitality. That’s why vets recommend Supreme Science Selective.

Our House Rabbit food, which should be fed alongside hay, ensures that rabbits have the opportunity to experience a wider variety of tastes within on easy feed , crunchy, monocomponent kibble, while still benefiting from the nutrition and fibre levels they require.

With the potential for a less active lifestyle and without the need to expend extra energy on combating the effects of outdoor temperatures, some indoor rabbits can have a tendency to put on excess weight. To help keep them at their ideal weight and to ensure they always look their best, out House Rabbit food features high fibre (22% crude fibre), no added sugar and linseed for healthy skin and coat.



Timothy hay, wheat, soya bean hulls, soya bean meal, dried grass, ground dried locust bean husks, flaked peas, linseeds, soya bean oil, dried thyme, calcium carbonate, prebiotics (MOS), yucca extract.


Typical Analysis:

Crude Protein: 14%, Crude Fibre: 22%, Crude Oil & Fat: 4%, Crude Ash: 5%, Calcium: 0.6%, Phosphorus: 0.4%


More Information
Brand Supreme
MPN 4119
Features Indoor Feed, Natural, For all Breeds, Recommended by Vets.
Amounts Available 1.5kg
Life Stage Adult
Suitable For Indoor Rabbits