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Tiny Friends Farm - Russel Rabbit Munchers (120g)

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Tiny Friends Farm  -  Russel Rabbit Munchers

x1 or x8 packs

with Carrot Pea

 At the Tiny Friends Farm in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Supreme makes delicious treats for Tiny Friends with big personalities.

Russel Rabbit Munchers with Carrot and Pea are tasty baked treats fresh from our bakery, made with the wholesome goodness of natural grains and tasty vegetables. Russel Rabbit Munchers are perfect when you want to give your pet a tasty treat. They can be carefully hand fed to your pets, helping you to build those special moments together. One or two can also be hidden around your pet's enclosure to encourage natural foraging.

And remember to give your rabbits lots and lots of fresh hay every day!

Russel Rabbit Munchers are also suitable for guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils, mice and rats.


Available in:

*1 Pack  -  (£2.49 per pack)

 8 Pack  -  (£1.87 per pack)

 *1 pack option may be flat packed

More Information
Size 120g
Brand Tiny Friends Farm
MPN 8111
Flavour Carrot & Pea
Item Weight 120g per Pack
Amounts Available x1 or x8 Packs
Packaged Loose in Clear Bags 1 Pack Packaging may be Flat-Packed
Packaged in Display Packs 8 Packs
Suitable For Small Animal (Chinchilla, Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Mouse, Rabbit, Rat)
Life Stage Adult
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom