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Pettex - Wheatgerm Pond Sticks

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Pettex - Wheatgerm Pond Sticks

350g to 10kg

Pond Winter Feed, Contains Spirulina, Prolonged Floating

Pettex General Purpose Pond Food Wheatgerm Sticks ingredients have been carefully selected to provide all fish with their full dietary requirements for both health and complete nutrition. 

Specially formulated for the dietary needs of Koi, but suitable for all pond fish. This is a comprehensive feed designed to be feed at lower temperatures, with its highly digestible and balanced formulation giving your fish the healthy diet they require. It provides a balanced range of protein, fibre, vitamins and trace elements which will satisfy all your fish's nutritional requirements, together with Spirulina for colour enhancement.

The balanced formula avoids the need for over feeding and so reduces possible water pollution. Pettex Pond foods mimics some of the natural shapes that fish are accustomed to, this is combined with a prolonged floating period encourage your fish to feed more eagerly. Pettex Pond Foods have a carefully selected protein level to minimise waste and ammonia build up for reduced health risks to your fish and easier pond maintenance

  • Prolonged floating - Allowing fish to feed on the water surface for intake control.
  • Balanced diet formula - Providing the essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy fish.
  • Winter feed - Designed for feeding at lower temperatures.
  • Highly digestible - Resulting in low water pollution and better water quality.
  • Contains spirulina - Added ingredient for colour enhancement.


More Information
Brand Pettex
MPN 5008
Features Pond Winter Feed, Contains Spirulina, Prolonged Floating
Food Type Cold Weather Sticks (-10c)
Available Amounts 350g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg
Packaged Loose in Clear Bags  350g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg
Packaged in Display Pack 10kg
Suitable For Pond Fish