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Pettex - Aspen Fibre (10L)

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Pettex  -  Aspen Fibre

10 Litres

We only use carefully selected substrates from around the world from sustainable, renewable sources that are then heat treated and sanitized. 

Some of the substrates will work wonders for pets that dig and burrow, while other substrates are just for walking on.
Reptiles are found in typically three types of habitats around the world; desert, rainforest, and semi-aquatic and whichever type of reptile, Pettex has the ideal substrate available.
Aspen Fibre.
Sustainable sourced pure kiln dried Aspen Fibres. Soft, odourless and highly absorbent.
A popular natural choice for herpetoculturists for use as bedding or nesting material. Heat-treated to reduce bacterial contamination and improve absorbency.
Ideal for burrowing pets and dust extracted before packed for added ease of use.
100% Natural, Nothing Added.
Only from Sustainable Sources.
A Substrate Available for All Types or Reptiles.
Absorbent and Biodegradable.
Stimulates Natural Digging and Burrowing Behaviour.
Absorbs Waste and Controls Odours.
More Information
EAN 5019093051023
Amount 10 Litres
Brand Pettex
MPN 8082
Supplies Substrate
Amounts Available 10 Litres
Suitable For Reptile
Life Stage Adult
Pet Size Medium
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom