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Pet Head - Ditch The Dirt (Deodorizing)

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Pet Head Ditch The Dirt

Shampoo, Conditioner, Spray or Triple Pack

Rosemary Leaf Extract, Orange Peel Oil, Charcoal Powder, Aloe Vera

A deodorising range suitable for all dogs and everyday use.

Rosemary Leaf Extract:  Makes coats stronger.

Orange Peel Oil:  For shine and smoothness.

Charcoal Powder:  Cleanses and removes impurities.

Aloe Vera:  Softens & calms skin.


Shampoo:  250ml Bottle

Our powerful yet gentle shampoo uses charcoal powder to neutralize odours.

Leaving your pooch smelling fresh, clean and ready for cuddles!


Conditioner:  250ml Bottle

Our powerful yet gentle conditioner uses charcoal powder to neutralize & remove any remaining odours and softens any coat!


Spray:  300ml Bottle

Our powerful yet gentle dog deodorant spray neutralizes odours and gets your pooch smelling fresh on the go.

With this charcoal infused deodorizing spray.


More Information
Brand Pet Head
MPN 90313A, 90322A, 90333A
Deodorising, with Aloe Vera
Shampoo & Conditioner
Spray 300ml
Available Amounts 1 Bottle or Triple Pack (all three)
Suitable For Dog