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Peanut Granules

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Peanut Granules

300g upto 20kg

27%+ Protein, High Energy, Easily Digestible

Chopped as small as possible and then screened to eliminate any larger pieces and especially to ensure whole nuts don’t get into the mix.

They have excellent nutritional value, are high in energy and easily digestible.

They’re good for fledglings and small birds who can’t handle whole peanuts but need the nutrients.

Suitable for: Virtually all birds including Wrens and Pipits, especially good for fledglings.

Calorific value: 605 kcals/100g.

Typical Protein: 27.2%.


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Brand -
MPN 024B
Main Flavour Peanut
Features 27%+ Protein, High in energy, Easily digestible
Peanut Granules
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Amounts Available 300g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg
Suitable For Wild Bird, Bird, Small Animal, Wildlife