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PawMits - Premium Fish Mix

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PawMits  -  Premium Fish Mix

500g to 10kg

A premium pond mix from PawMits Ltd.

This item has Flake, Pond Pellets 3mm and 5mm, Pond Sticks of various colours and special carp pellets. 

With Spirulina for Immune System Support!

Rich in Vitamins and Minerals.


Available in:

500g - (£7.98 per kg)

1kg  -  (£7.49 per kg)

3kg  -  (£6.66 per kg)

5kg  -  (£5.59 per kg)

8kg  -  (£4.99 per kg)

10kg - (£4.49 per kg)


More Information
Brand PawMits
Fish Food Type Mixed
Main Ingredient(s) Mixed Sticks, Mixed Pellets 5mm & 3mm, Flake.
Features With Spirulina for Immune System Support!, Added Carp Pellets
Amounts Available 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg, 10kg
Suitable For Pond Fish