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King British - Turtle & Terrapin Food

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King British  -  Turtle and Terrapin Food

20g, 80g or 200g

A complete diet for all turtle & terrapins.

King British Turtle & Terrapin Complete Food is a natural blend including freeze dried shrimp, krill & vegetable pellets.

It is high in calcium to ensure good shell condition.


Available in:

 20g  -  (£1.49 per 10g)

 80g  -  (0.87p per 10g)

200g -  (0.69p per 10g)


More Information
Brand King British
MPN 17873, 17892, 17893
Main Ingredient(s) Dried Shrimp, Krill & Vegetable Pellets
Amounts Available 20g, 80g or 200g
Suitable For Reptiles, Turtle and Terrapin