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Johnson's - 4Fleas Spot-on (2pk)

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Johnson's - 4Fleas Spot-on

For Dogs, 2 Pack, Dual Action

Fast Acting Spot-On, kills fleas on contact (on your pet) and the surrounding area for up to 2 months protection.

For pets over 8 weeks of age.

Contains 2 vials, each vial giving up to 4 weeks protection.

Kills fleas and biting lice (Trichodectes canis) on dogs.

Kills flea larvae in the area around your dog.

One treatment prevents further flea infestation for 4 weeks. 

Puppy: less then 4kg

Small: 4kg up to less than 10kg

Medium: 10kg up to less than 25kg

Large: Weighing 25kg and over.


More Information

5000476040420, 5000476040437, 5000476040451

Brand Johnsons
MPN D048, D042, D043, D045
Upto 4weeks protection per vial, Kills flea larvae, Kills fleas and biting lice, Prevents further infestation
Treatment Type Spot-on (2pk)
Pack Size 2 Vials (2pk)
Available Sizes Puppy (-4kg), Small (-10kg), Medium (-25kg), Large (25kg+)
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Suitable For Dog