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Honeyfields - Insect & Mealworm Mix (1.6kg)

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Honeyfield's - Insect & Mealworm Mix

1.6kg Pack

Quality Ingredients, Recyclable Packaging

An all seasons mix with an added mealworm treat.

Suitable for hanging, table and ground feeders.

Especially popular with: Greenfinches, Wrens, Robins, Nuthatches.



Wheat, Yellow Millet, Black Sunflower, Peeled Oats, Cut Maize, Flaked Wheat, Sunflower Hearts, Pinhead Oats, Kibbled Peanuts, Mealworms and Rapeseed Oil.


More Information
Brand Honeyfields
MPN 71001461
Main Ingredients Wheat, Millet, Sunflower, Oat, Maize, Peanut, Mealworm...
Features Quality Ingredients, Recyclable Packaging
Wild Bird Seed Mix
Pack Size 1.6kg
Popular with Greenfinches, Wrens, Robins, Nuthatches
Suitable For Wild Bird