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Gelert - Country Choice (6 x 1200g)

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Gelert - Country Choice

6 x 1200g

x2 Chicken, x2 Lamb, x2 Beef

Palatability - Gelert adds natural ingredients and fresh meats to its canned diets during the preperation process at the appropriate time, so that none of the ingretients are over or under cooked. This is guarantees that the food will be extremely palatable.

Digestibility - No fillers are added, just fresh quality meats from UK.

Variety - Eacsh 6 pack (1200g), contains a mix of the most popular flavours.

No Artificial Added - No artificial colours, preservatives or flavourings are added.

For Working & Sporting Dog's.


More Information
Brand Gelert
Flavour Chicken, Lamb, Beef
Features Quality UK meats, No fillers, Natural ingredients
Amounts Available 6 Pack
Can Size (approx. grams)
Suitable For Dog (large)