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Cuttlefish Bones

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Cuttlefish Bones

A true classic, this is really an essential for birds which has truly stood the test of time!

Cuttlebones supply an essential calcium supplement and other trace minerals to a bird's diet; as well as providing exercise, stimulation and helping to prevent boredom; they are the best thing for maintaining beak and claws in tip top, sharp and trim condition.


Size:  (approx.)

6" - 8" inch


Weight:  (guide, not guaranteed) 

70g - 100g each


More Information
Brand -
MPN 032
Main Flavour Cuttlefish (Calcium)
Features 39% Calcium, Long lasting treat
Amounts Available 1 Bone, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2.5kg, 5kg
Treat Size (approx.)
6" - 8" inch
Weight (approx.)
70g - 100g each
Suitable For Bird, Small Animal, Reptile