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Blagdon - Fresh Start (250ml)

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Blagdon - Fresh Start


Helps Protect Fish, Ensures Fresh Water is Safe

Raw tap water is damaging to fish life. The chlorine in tap water
damages the delicate skin and gill membranes of the fish.

Fresh Start removes the toxic chlorine and heavy metals from the tap water and adds the protective colloid aloe vera to the water to help protect the fish.

Blagdon Fresh Start should be used when ponds are first filled up, and whenever a pond is topped up with tap water to ensure the water is safe for your fish. If you have just bought a new pond, this is an essential item for you and your fish.


More Information
Brand Blagdon
MPN 2670
Features Helps Protect Fish, Ensures Fresh Water is Safe
Type Pond Water Treatment
Bottle Treats 2,273 Litres (500 gallons)
- -
Bottle Size 250ml
Suitable For Pond