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Ancol - Ergo Grooming Glove

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Ancol Ergo Grooming Glove

Dog Grooming

Ergonomic Handle, Comfort Use, Soft Bristles

he Ancol Ergo Grooming Glove is a simple way of effectively removing large amounts of loose hair. When used on a dry coat, the material of the glove will pull away loose hair while massaging the dog's skin.

The glove can also be used on a wet coat, the thick rubber knobbles will massage in shampoo for a thorough clean while removing loose hairs. The grooming glove is ideal for short and medium length coats and is of particular benefit when your dog is moulting.


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Brand Ancol
MPN 435800
Features Ergonomic Handle, Comfort Use, Soft Bristles
Grooming Glove
Coat Guide Silky, Long, Short, Smooth
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