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Ancol - Ergo Cat Moulting Comb

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Ancol Ergo Cat Moulting Comb

Ergo Cat Range

Removes Loose Hair, Undercoat Grooming, Useful when Shedding

The Ancol Ergo Moulting Comb has two lengths of teeth to help remove loose hair from the undercoat and top coat, particularly useful when your cat is shedding.

The medical quality stainless steel pins are rounded at the ends to prevent discomfort and be gentle on your cat's skin. Grooming a cat helps maintain a smooth and glossy coat and can be a lovely way of bonding with your pet.

Regular grooming to remove loose hair, particularly when your cat is moulting, will lessen the amount of fur they ingest when grooming themselves which will reduce fur balls and associated problems. Regular grooming will also reduce the amount of shed fur around the home.


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Brand Ancol
MPN 401200
Features Removes Loose HairUndercoat GroomingUseful when Shedding
Cat Comb
Colour Pink
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